Personal / Virtual Assistant

Defenition: Virtual assistance is assistance that is provided by phone, fax, e-mail, online or even instant message and is provided by a Virtual assistant (VA) aka independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and use technology to deliver services to clients globally.

As stated above, I am able to perform various services that may be outsouced for numerous reasonssuch includes but not limits to saving time, understaffed with required skill set, routine activites can be boring etc.

Below you shall find of services that I offer. For some of the services, I have the required certifications. Services are provided in English, French, Spanish, Polish and Tamil

Email Management & Bulk Mailings

If you receive a lot emails; most of which are spam or unrelated messages, would you like to hire someone to sort it out and delete the unnecessary ones?
Do you send marketting emails, need somoene to write contents and send them group specific?
I have lot of experience in writing professional email and marketting them. please contact me for further details.

Data Entry & Management

If you need your data to be digitalised from hand written documents / have a lot of images that OCR cannot capture accurately / text that needs to be grouped accordingly in Xcel or word formats. Data Entry & Management is what you are looking for.
This service is provided in Multiple languages namely English, French, Spanish and Polish (by Angie).
This service is warenteed, meaning that in future there are slight modifications can be done for free of charge. The service is transparant and direct contact with the freelancer over personal Telephone communication is provided.

PowerPoint Presentation Design

Do you need someone to design a Presentation using powerpoint or Video? I am able to prepare stunning, Professional presentations that does not look generic.
Personalised Presentation to cover your valuable time yet, undistingusably self made style can be prepared provided that sample presentations are given

Travel Planning

Havaing a Vacation soon, but not enough time to plan it? Seeking a well traveled "Travel Agent"? I will prepare different sets of travel ideas to fit your budjet.
I provide interesting deals around the world, as I have personally travelled to 59 countries. I know what one needs to feel like a holiday. I do not prefer to book the cheapest, but qualitative offers so as a customer you are satisfied and you will return to me.
For any freelancer it is very important that customers are fully satisfied. Our main source of income is regular clients and word of mouth. I will make sure that your needs are well satisfied.

Project Management

(NVQ Level 3 Certified from Open University, London)
Are you starting a new project and need someone to manage it?
Having a project that requires additional staff to regulate it?
I have started my own company at the age of 18 and I am still having lots of Ideas for starting business. owing to financial reasons I am unable to do so.
thus I will be your right candidate to freelance with.
I am in possession of required softwares and webtools to manage projects. I have certification to work in project Management, which will be provided upon request.

Meetings & Event Planning

(NVQ Level 2 Certified from Open University, London)
I can plan and organize small events from family to Business. Take care of all aspects including planning, resource collecting, guest inviting, marketting emails, being on site to execute the event to its full potentional.
I have organized 89 events and 12 Business meeting so far. References from my previous clients will be provided upon request.