Skype Class for Schools

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Skype Class for Individuals

I offer 3 kinds of classes over Skype.
1. The standard English class over Skype, Just like any Language Schools you have been to, you will be taught the same way. We will be practising CEFR standards of Language learning. The whole course is divided into 5 categories namely Spoken Production, Spoken Interaction, Reading, Writing and Listening. I employ non-conventional methods to teach English (See below for sample activities)

2. If you just need someone to practice your language that you have already learned, we can arrange for classes where we will speak only what you desire to speak. We will focus on daily life, Travels, Debates etc. This kind of class will involve you speaking more than writing or reading. I would recommend 90 minutes per class where 60 minutes would be speaking and interaction and remaining 30 minutes we will talk about your errors and its corrections

3. Specific needs: If you need preparation for your Job Interview, prepare for a Business meeting in English or any other specific needs. We can arrange 1 or 2 classes to cover all you need.

My special Classroom Activity: Describing the video

You will be required to watch a youtube video / TV series "Friends" then you will be required to give a speech about it during our class.
This activity focuses on building everyday vocabulary, sentence formations, Slang originating from US / UK / AU / NZ.
The assignments are given in such a way that you will focus on grammar especially tenses.
Sample Assignments: Narrate the video only using Simple Present, Simple Past and Past continuous; Narrate the video using only Future Tenses (even though the incidents of the video already happened) this helps with transformations of sentences and proper use of grammar.

My special Classroom Activity: Job Interview

I will be helping you with Job Hunt; to say we will have a conversation where you will be telling what job sector are you interested in, then I will do research in a country of your interest.
We will prepare together your CV in English. I will provide you with formal Resume Vocabulary to make your CV look professional
We will prepare all the possible questions that may be asked during your interview. We will use "list of questions from" and prepare your answers according to your situation.
We will do a role-play where I will be the interviewer and you will be the interviewee.
This activity will prepare you for the future job you are seeking.

My special Classroom Activity: Debate

You will choose a topic of your choice to debate. Before the class you will prepare notes for both sides of the debate.
During the class we will debate on your chosen topic. I will take notes on your speech and at the end of the class I will provide you with list of errors and their corrections
Since Debates are interesting, you will be forced to put your opinions against my statements. This encourages the students to get fluent with the use of Language. However this is not suitable for beginners

My special Classroom Activity: Role-play

This is a very important activity that covers everyday life. I will play the role of Hotel Receptionist/ Restaurant Waiter/ Travel Agent/ Doctor/Bank Agent etc.
you will be the customer and you will have to prepare a list of questions that you had faced to ask or will face. We will role-play it and you will learn what words to use and how to use it.
this activity gives you the confidence in using the language in real life situations as you have already practised.

My special Classroom Activity: Songs/ Rhymes

Songs are great ways to teach English, especially for pronunciation of difficult words, however they are not quite helpful in terms of grammar.
We will concentrate on a lyric of your favorite English song, their meaning and pronunciation.
After the class you will listen to the song several times until you can sing it on your own. Please do not worry about how good your voice is. This activity is aimed not to win a karaoke competition, but you to feel confident in English in terms of fluency and pronunciation

My special Classroom Activity: Jokes/ Riddles

Jokes & riddles are great ways to teach English, as one can immediately practice what they learnt with a friend who speaks the same language.
This activity also builds confidence when you understand jokes. Jokes are always fun and being able to understand what they mean directly states your command over the language.
This activity is prepared by both parties: Students and Teachers. Students will be required to prepare list of jokes they want to tell it to the teacher and the teacher will prepare list of jokes that the student might not understand normally.