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Looking for the Cheap Flights or Hotels for your next vacation?
Agents get Special deals on Flights, but they have to charge you a lot more, not just because of the Profit Margin, but to cover their expenses. For example: Travel Agency have few staffs who need monthly salary, rents for the Office, Utility expenses such as electricity and water. This may look small when you see them individually, but this is coming out of your pocket...
Just calculate... [average office rent + your country's minimum salary X 3 (I have not seen any travel agency which has less than 3 employees) + Their monthly Utility Bills] did you get the big number?
This is the minimum amount Travel Agencies has to charge their clients through commission just barely to survive even.
Do you think that every Travel Agencies has 10,000 clients every month to charge you very tiny commission? Think again.

Why through me?

As you are aware I am a Virtual Assistant, sitting in a Cafe or a Library or a Friends House to use WiFi is how I work. I charge a very slight Commission on the top of the price I get. I don't have staffs to pay salary, nor office rent, advertisement costs.

I have travelled a lot because I get really cheap flight deals and I are ready to share my secrets.

Also I have paid preimum account with

Cheap Hotel deals:

I have worked in several Hotels as a receptionist and that is my career. I have extensive knowledge on how hotels booking systems work. I also have premium accounts with several Booking companies and have been active in those accounts for several years thus I get special Discounts when I book.

When I book a hotel for my client, I use my travel agent account with booking sites that

I do not claim to be the cheapest or best in business, however I am able to get you fairly cheap deals. please request a quote and if it is not to your satisfaction, I will refund you the full service charge.

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