Personal Chef

Having a party at your House/ Family function?
Have you thought about hiring a private chef to cook whilst you enjoy the party instead of buying all the prepared foods from the shop?
I have worked in several Restaurants, thus I am a professional. Over the years I never stopped cooking mouth-watering foods, that rapes your senses.
Sample food will be cooked free of charge.
See below for list of cusines that I am experienced with.

Indian Cuisine

My Mom is from Pondicherry, India which is in the southern part of India, thus she cooks a lot of South-Indian foods and I also grew up in India for sometime. I am able to cook several Indian foods and I do love them. I am able to cook them adaptively to European tongues, meaning less spcier than how the original food should taste like. However, if you would like to have the real taste, it is not a problem for me to cook them provided that I have the right spices.

  • Main Dishes: Dosa, Chapathi, Parotta, Biriyani, Sambar sadham, varieties of Curries, poriyal, etc.
  • Desserts: Payasam, Gulabjam, Thaiyur chatni etc.

Mexican Cuisine

I worked in La Perla Mexican Restaurant in Oxford Street, London for 9 months. This was my first experience with cooking Mexican food. later I spent 5 months in Mexico where I also learned to cook mexican foods. I really love the cuisine and I would be honored to cook it for you.

  • Street Food: Burrito, Huaraches, Chilaquilas, Falutas, Enchilada, Nachos, Rancheros, Quesadillas, Tacos, etc
  • Main Dishes: Carne asada, Pollo asado, Arroz rojo/ con pollo,etc
  • Desserts: Arroz con leche, Churros, Empanadas, etc.

Polish Cuisine

My partner is Polish and I lived in Poland for 8 months, I am not able to cook all polish foods however I am able to cook some of the recipies. this service may also be provided by my partner if you need authentic food.

  • Starters: Kaszanka, Rosol, Barszcz
  • Main Meal: Kotlet Schabowy, Pierogi, Bigos, Placki Ziemniaczane, Golabki,
  • Desserts: Kisiel, Sernik, Mazurek

French Cuisine

My dad is French and all his family live in various parts of France. We lived in French ex-colony in India "Pondicherry". I also grew-up eating french foods and I have lived in france from time to time, visiting families and friends. French foods is synonym for gastronomy, thus everwhere i went they wanted to have french food, so I ended up learning them. I have also worked in 2 different french restaurnats so I do have professional experience.

  • Starters: Salade a chevere chaud, pain grille, etc
  • Main dishes: Diot, Tartiflette, Tourte
  • Desserts: Creme brule, Merigne, Profiterole, Fondue, Ratatouille etc

Outdoor Cooking

In the past 6 years I have spent 2 years living outdoors i.e. Camping and I cook my food in outdoor fire. I can make fire at any weather conditions, windy, rainy and even in snowy conditions. When I was in Georgia, I ran out of money to travel, and it's not a part of EU thus I needed work VISA to earn anything. Instead I set up camp halfway to top of Mount Kazbegi and sold foods to tourists. In 3 days I earned 300 EURO in Georgia that was a lot of money to be earned in Georgia.