1. Call me Mo. That is my nick name and everybody calls me so. I am a 26 year old Halfie (born to Indian Mom and French dad, brought up in the French colonial part of India), backpacker, travel addict, atheist (maybe SBNR), ascetic, anti-statist, vagabond, nature loving, artistic, charismatic, creative, extrovert, gregarious, understanding, compassionate & upbeat. On the bad side talkative, impulsive, honest, straight forward, devious, selfish, untidy & maybe silly. I am aware of who I am & how I behave. There are times when I am wrong and I do not feel ashamed to apologize.

2. I was too impatient in everything which is why I was an early start, went to University for bachelors in Microbiology at 17, started my very first Business at 17 too, but had to wait until turned 18 so that I could do it legally. Also I finished the university at the age of 20. Came to Paris to visit my dad and settle down, but I just travelled with friends here and there.

3. I moved to UK for 2-month internship. Immediately after that I cycled 2408kms from London to Glasgow in 52 days.

4. I could not continue the trip as my bicycle broke down in Glasgow and I was out of money. Moved to London and based there for 8 months while I kept travelling at least twice a month.

5. Then one day I watched "Into the wild" movie and decided to sell everything and go backpacking in Dec 2012. When I left this time, all I had was 151 Euro and 34 cents all together. I wasn't sure how long I would last, but I lasted 8 months which gave me inspiration to keep going.

6. I did variety of things from trekking, hitchhiking, cycling, festival travelling etc.

7. Then I was robbed in Lithuania. With 8 euros left I survived 30 days travelling back to my village in France. I worked for month then travelled again. Again I worked in Ski station until January and left for travelling.

8. Fell in love with a girl & travelled with her for 6 months through Turkey, Georgia and the length of Russia.

9. In Georgia we ran out of money so we sold food to tourists at the top of Mount Kazbegi and we made 300 EUROS in 3 days

10. We stayed in Georgia for a month and a month in Russia. Since I already had Russian multiple entry visa, I decided to also visit Kaliningrad on the way down where I saw my first Tornado up-close.

11. We met again in Lithuania after the detour we took in Finland where Margi went to Scandinavia and I went to Kaliningrad. 2 weeks later to our reunion we broke up in the "Tunnel of Love". How ironic.

12. I continued travelling alone for a month, but it was too hard so I returned to UK in September 2014. Visiting my parents whom I did not meet in more than 2 years. Then I came to Iceland which was my 50th Cultures (I like the word Culture than Country as it does not talks about boundaries). I have successfully managed to stay in one city for 3 months working in guesthouse as a manager. A big achievement for me.

13. Then I flew to Greenland... Experienced an Inuit's 85th Birthday party also attended traditional Inuit dancing classes. I camped out at -62 C north of Ilulissat, which is by far the coldest night I have been through.

14 & 15. Crossed the great frozen ocean which stopped the ferry, making us to re-route. Saw the great icebergs of Illulisiat break down, climbed my first overhanging frozen waterfall, sledding, snowmobiling, sitting with the cockpit with pilots in Air Greenland passenger plane.

16. Flew to USA, road tripped to Kentucky for some fried chicken and saw Niagara falls from both sides. Then went to lake superior, 800km hitchhike and 80km cycling.

17. Owing to series of bad luck in Canada, I decided to go home, so I bought a ticket, but later decided to fuck the ticket and go to Mexico instead. So I lost 450USD on my stupidity, but I have some money left with a friend who is barely available online, so headed out without a single penny literally to USA.

18. Met some old friends in Colorado and did lot of climbing.

19. After few weeks I hitchhiked all the way to Mexican border single ride. I hitched around all the way to southern Oaxaca where I found my dream horse 'Feliz' - a 2 year old stallion, left brained introvert, grew up in mountains and partly trained, very calm and playful.

20. Hence I traveled with my horse without a penny in my hand, yet hoping to find some jobs at touristy places.

21. During this time I decided to go around slowly through all Latin America. Yes, all the way to Patagonia.

22. But after 700km on horse, I almost reached Guatemala border, but need extra paperwork's to bring animals, which requires money, quite a lot. So I left Feliz in a farm near the border and I flew back to France on 25th September to work and save money. I planned returning to continue my trip on horse... So in France I stayed at my friends house for about 2 months wherein I explored underground Paris mostly, abandoned tunnels and catacombs.

23. After spending 2 months in Paris trying to find a job instead I found a job in London and moved in with a girl I met in Paris.

24. Then I spent 4 months in London earned money to get back to Mexico but my girlfriend got pregnant so instead of going back to Mexico to my horse, I decided to stay for my women and our child. Then we will return to continue travelling on horse.

25. During this break I traveled to Kyrgyzstan & India before getting back to Poland for labor. In few weeks after living in this small village, Angie and me had several fights where we split up. Felt like whole world crushed and was in deep shit. I went to London, where I had a chat with one of my friends over Facebook, she invited me to come to Alaska. She even paid for my tickets to fly there as I had none at that time.

26. Had a blast in Alaska. Travelling is the best thing I did. Especially when I was so down, with the relationship went down along with the chances that I would miss my sons birth and growing him up.

27. When everything seemed dark, travelling bought me some peace. However me and Angie decided to work things out so I left everything behind and came back to her. Things were better for a while and my son IYAN MO MILLI was born on 3rd October 2016.

28. I have been stuck in Jaworze, a small town in Poland, without any friends really nearby, life's been hard. Without friends and not much to do here.

29. However I do have friends in Krakow, with whom I've went on trips to Tatra's. Visited Krakow, Warsaw and several other places in Poland. We also took Iyan to Germany, Slovakia and England (to visit my Parents).

30. Now we have to save up our money and get back on the horse. No, on a Horse Carriage. Yes, this time it's going to be 4 horses and a Carriage for our family.