Style of Massage

I use a combination of various styles combined as a single therapy namely sports, Aromatherapy, Tantric, Lomi Lomi and Deep tissue. This type of massage is designed for individuals to have an unique experience by combining relaxing and therapeutic aspects such as relieving severe tension in muscles & connective tissues, and focuses in the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. You would experience the relaxing style of bodywork with long fluid & rhythmic strokes over the whole body using the hands as an instrument of the heart.

Benefits of Massage

Energetic, emotional and muscular blockages are released allowing circulation, oxygen, life and spirit to flow through body and mind. While the whole body is accepted unconditionally, the muscles and connective tissues are stretched, stiff joints are loosened, circulation improves, skin glows and internal organs are gently manipulated into their correct relationships. During the massage, the client is encouraged deep breathing and heart-centric focus, giving balance, energy flow and a heart-opening peace.

Fragrant oils and aromas

Fragrant oils are gently massaged on the body producing deep relaxation and relief from mental and physical stress. Special attention and care is given to the neck, shoulders, back and joints. This treatment ends with tantric style of sensual massage using fingertips running parallel to the skin.

Certified Massage therapists

I started learning Classical Aromatherapy Massage at Whitechapel Idea School, London. But dropped out after 6 weeks to travel. Since then I have practiced my massage to my friends. I consider myself fairly good at it. And by no means I am no professional masseur. However by doing more I might be able to become one.

Angie has a certificate in Classical Massage. If you are looking for some relaxing massages please do give us a try. This service is offered by Mo and Angie