Languages for Hospitality Industries

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese & Arabic are the major languages that most Tourism Industry clienteles use.
Majority of Travelers speak at least one of these languages regardless of their Native Language.

Why to Train with us?with video

Importance of Foreign language in Hospitality sector has been un-debatable, however it is hard to find staff with 5 languages who will stay in the your company itself. That is why we designed our courses to be taught in the Hotel for the existing staff. Offering these sort of programs will lead you to keep the good staff to work for you longer as they feel they get better opportunities at their current workplace. Satisfied staff always lead to greater work productivity.

Hotels that have multilingual staff attracts clients from all corners of the world, increasing Business and Profit itself. Existing Regular clients experience the quality improvements and overall customer satisfaction leads to greater reviews.

Unlike many online resources to learn languages for hospitality industry our courses are tailor-made depending individual Hotels. For example: In the lesson 鈥淕iving Directions鈥, our teachers will use the map of the hotel, and train the staff to give directions to rooms, bars, restaurant , pool or fitness centers. As every hotel has its own structures and this way will train the hotel鈥檚 staff to understand only what they need to use in their existing job.

Why should Hotels train the staff:

Many travelers speak one of these languages at various levels; imagine a situation where one of your client can speak English at lower Intermediate level and French at fluency, but when expressing a problem he/she experiences a hard time to describe it. He will resort to explain it in French. If your staff are able to understand his problem in French, he/she will be able to solve the client鈥檚 issue. Some nationals like French prefer to stay at hotels that speak French. Clients will pass on the experience to their friends and this word-of-mouth will get you more customers, or get regulars to your Hotel. Since the level of service has been improved, you will also be able to increase the minimum price cap of your services.

As a staff, being multilingual helps them individually as well. As a waiter/waitress they could earn more tips, get permanent or even promoted.

Our Courses come in 2 different packages namely 3 language or 5 language pack. You will be able to choose from the aforementioned languages, whichever suits the needs of your hotel.

Program Structure:

路 10 hours per Language - Class room training for pronunciation.
路 Students book with Audio in different languages will be provided in the class.
路 Every 2nd week after the classroom program, 3 Hour Revision classes will be provided to students by native speakers.
(This is directly related to number of languages chosen.)
路 BETA - 3 to 5 hour Private Skype class will be provided by native speakers after the training for revision purposes.
路 BETA - Mobile Application/ Desktop software will be installed in your hotel to continue practicing what was taught.
路 BETA - Translation of your website can be arranged

Course Highlights

路 The hours are spread over from 1 to 3 months based on the hotel.
路 The class room hours are tailor-made according to your ROTA.
路 The Course is designed to each particular hotel, meaning that your staff will learn only those needed by your hotel.
路 Our policy is to train only one hotel in a city, so that the Hotel stands out amongst other hotels.
路 Higher importance is given to problems experienced by clients at Hotels and restaurants.
路 Even though it is a group class, the course work is designed to be adapted, in layman鈥檚 terms, a receptionist would not learn in details how to serve food as a waiter. everyone will be learning focused on their job鈥檚 needs

Helpful Tips:

路 The hotel can pay for the training program from their training funds.
路 Or deduce a certain amount from the staff鈥檚 salary every month.
路 Or staffs who are interested can pay for themselves.
路 2 Receptionists, 2 Barman鈥檚, 2 waiter/waitress, FOH Managers, F&B Mangers, a Reservation Staff would be an ideal set to train with our program.
路 The structure of the course is designed for groups of minimum 6. So does the Price. If Staffs were to pay for themselves, the price difference will be 20 % more.


We are currently working on recognizable standard certification for our students, which will be arranged through one of your country鈥檚 Language Institute. There will be an extra charge for the Examination which will be held at the institute which will offer certification. Alternatively, you will be able to undertake CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH for SPECIFIC PURPOSES - HOTELS Exam as well.


Please bear in mind that this program is still in early stages. We have completed Phase 1, where the course materials are prepared. Now we are in Phase 2, where we are in contact with certain Hotels offering trial sessions. If you are an HR in a Hotel, please get in touch for us to provide you a 3 language pack for free of cost.

We are also seeking native speakers of the aforementioned languages, to work on part-time contracts. Jobs include but not limited to SKYPE classes, translations of websites, Audio recordings and various translations. You will be able to work online regardless of the location.