This is the first picture of me and Daddy. My mommy was really brave, fighting for 10 hours to bring me up to this world, but it turned out eventually that my head was too big, so they had to cut me out.

I sleep best on my mommy's chest

But I like to be in my daddy's arms as well

I'm a man, I need meat! And I'm Polish, so I'll eat kabanos.

My parents are planning to grow me up differently. I am already growing out of the box.

shopping was soo tiring

and all that boring paperwork in the bank

mommy mommy, will you take me on adventure with you?

life is not easy piece of cake

my daddy wants to fry me

I'm already well cooked, so now he's gonna eat me

hi hi hi, check my diaper

help help!

I'm so handsome, is that Sunday lunch time?

I'm scared of all these weird faces around me...

mmm... it's a beautiful day to get drunk


daddy daddy this crossword is too difficult

always stylish

mommy mommy, are we in Germany?

come on, teach me how to play, all girls will be mine

I have six packs already

fish in the seeeaaa, you know how I feel

boogieman, my dad's jacket fits me too

gate to Birmingham, which way?

my family is weird

What's my daddy teaching me now?

my presents, my presents, where are my presents!

I'm growing fast


loosers...they think I'll let them rest

because the stroller is boring

yeah, we can go travelling now