Argentina to Mexico - A Horse Carriage Adventure.

2018 to 2013, 5+ year 20,000km adventure.

In summer 2015, I bought a Stallion and traveled across Mexico covering 750 km in 4 months time.
Owing to financial and Visa requirements, I was forced to discontinue my travels and return to France.
Having that experience, I would like to do all the Latin American Countries on a horseback.
However, this time I will be more prepared.

After this trip I met my partner who had 10 years of Riding experience and has University Degree in Animal Husbandry with Horse Breeding as her Major.
Together we will embark on an adventure starting from Argentina all the way to Mexico for several Years to come.

To be financially stable we are offering 3 kinds of trips that anyone can do with us, which will help us financially to achieve our dream.

Why to take the trip with us?with video

We are not Travel agents or locals who own a horse and guide you through familiar tracks. We are a nomadic family who have resources and experience. If you love the freedom of being somewhere exotic and on a horseback. If you love travel and adventure. If you love to meet adventurers. We are your guide. During these days we will be your friend with professional responsibility. We will share our food, tent and stories. When you leave us, you are most likely to leave as a friend than as a customer.

You will have a great flexibility on where to do this trip and when to do it. Other travel agents or local guiding companies offer you better trips in particular areas. When paid for a booking with their company, you are obliged to show up. With us if you book a weekend trip, the whole week is blocked out for you. If you arrive early or late, you will be able to join us within that time. Besides there is huge expiration period. The only way you will not be able to do the trip with us, is when we reach Mexico that is around 20,000 km; more than 5 years on the road.

We are traveling for our adventure, not for money. Thus our plan is not to have customers everyday. This guarantees you that when you arrive in the country where the caravan is, you will definitely get to ride with us


Private tent with blow up mattress

Western Toilet with water

Indoor seating during carriage hours

Hot water powered Shower Cabin

Electrical heater inside tent

Loud Speakers available for music

Solar and battery power available to charge your cameras & phones

Infants & kids are welcome

Sleeping bags/ blankets are not provided


- you’ll learn about rules of safety and equestrian equipment
- after you mount the horse for the first time, you’ll be led on a lunge
- you’ll learn about basic riding aids, principles of correct posture, control and steering of your horse
- the following days, we will go for treks in the nature, where we walk & trot in beautiful surroundings

Intermediate & Advanced:
- we will let you ride on your own once we check you’re balanced and confident enough to lead a horse by yourself
- the pace in the saddle will be faster, we will walk, trot & gallop
- for advanced we offer exciting and challenging rides in open country

You'll be always under supervision of an instructor

Helmets provided
(bring -comfortable clothes & shoes)

Your choice of riding
(English Saddle, Western Style or bareback)

FOOD OFFERED for whole trip

Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian meals

Purchased from local farmers along the way

Cooked on daily basis on wood based fire/gas stove

Dedicated clean kitchen inside the caravan

Water is filtered when rain water harvesting is not possible

Indian, Mexican, French, Polish and local Cuisine

Allergen warning required

Special diet requirements are not available

Ethical Hunting & foarging practised

Entertainment Features

Musical Instruments available on board

Loud Speakers to listen to your music

Card & Board Games

Toys for Children

Ball Games: Football, Handball, frisbee etc


Campfire & related activites

Sharing our Adventure stories

Of course, Movies on laptop.
Other Activites

Hiking equiments & maps
If there is good hiking route, you will be welcome to hike, whilst we drive the caravan to pick you in different location

Full Climbing gears - Rock & Ice
Training not provided, only for those who already have basic experience

Bow & arrow, Snare/trap hunting of small game, only for eating

Fly/spin fishing gears provided

Foarging: picking wild edible plants

Inflatable Kayaks and life-vest

Activites are only available deending on the location

Wilderness Survival

Intro to Fire making in all weather conditions

Water filtration techniques

Shelter building: awning, high platform tent

Seeking water: animal trial, boring, extraction etc.

Building tools

Cooking with minimal fuel


Rope Knots

Baisc Hunting, Fishing & foarging

When and how do you travel with us?

You book your package with our partnered Travel agency and they will arrange everything for you, including flights and other activites.
You can also book just the trip with us, if you already have your flights.
We are currently working on our route map, in accordance with the border crossing and visa policies.
with this you will have a rough dates where we will be in particular month.
however only through our youtube channel you will get accurate updates where we will be in the next month.
We will provide enough breaks in between bookings and border crossings so that we will be always on schedule
When you arrive in Latin America, you will have to arrive to the location of a Horse Caravan by public transport.
you will be provided with our mobile number, exact location of pick up and directions to reach us


€200 for 2 Adults

This feature is only available to book when the caravan is on the move.

minimum 3 hours Horseback Trial riding

4 meals
Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snack and Dinner

Horse Riding lessons for beginners

Campfire and Private Tent.
Western Toilet, Shower Cabin, Indoor seating.

Certified First-Aider

Multilingual riders:
English, French, Spanish and Polish



€250 for 2 Adults

1st 50 bookings only

€500 after 1st 50 bookings

minimum 5 hours Horseback Trial riding

10 meals
Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snack and Dinner

Horse Riding lessons for beginners

Campfire and Private Tent.
Western Toilet, Shower Cabin, Indoor seating.

Certified First-Aider

Multilingual riders:
English, French, Spanish and Polish

1 DAY PRIOR AND AFTER YOUR REQUESTED DATES WILL BE BLOCKED OUT, ensuring that you wont miss the trip owing to flight delays/ sickness


€750 for 2 Adults

1st 25 bookings only

€1500 after 1st 25 bookings

minimum 10 hours Horseback Trial riding

30 meals
Breakfast, Lunch, Evening snack and Dinner

Horse Riding lessons for beginners

Campfire and Private Tent.
Western Toilet, Shower Cabin, Indoor seating.

Certified First-Aider

Multilingual riders:
English, French, Spanish and Polish

2 DAYS PRIOR AND AFTER YOUR REQUESTED DATES WILL BE BLOCKED OUT, ensuring that you wont miss the trip owing to flight delays/ sickness

2 kids under the age of 14 or 1 extra Adult can be added to the package for €200 for 3 day trip and €400 for 7 day trips.
If you have Special requests, please email us. Examples include
- more than 3 Adults
- traveling with your own Vehicle
- just 1 interested person etc..

Why we charge so much?

Crossing Latin America with Horses is practically impossible in this century.
Estimated at least €200,000 would be required to do this project, without counting unforeseen expeneses.
It is vital that we raise money through these trips to support our journey.
Our major expenses would be Food, medical care for horses and the paperwork involved in transporting the horses across Borders.
We do not seek to profit from this journey monitarily, just to do this impossible adventure.
There are few Countries in Latin America where bringing Horses into their country is impossible.
Thus we will have to sell our horses for relatively cheap price, if we find suitable buyer, and buy new ones in the new country.

We are not Taking Payments yet! But...

We have decided to partner with an official Travel agent, who will make bookings for us.
Until then you may express your interest in joining us by email, and get 50% off the normal Price, as mentioned above.
For those who emailed us for buying the trip, will receive email from our partnered travel agency for Confirmation & Payment at dicounted price.
By subscribing, you will be followed by monthly emails, which tells you about our progress.

Mo's experiences with Horses, Cooking, and hospitalitywith video

Since I loved animals, especially horses so much, I wanted to spend good long quality time with them. But I was bitten by travel-bug. This disables me to stay in one place and have horses and dogs. So I wanted to travel on horses instead. I worked in Turkey Horse Rescue Center for 3 months where I learned the basics I need to know about horse care. Then when the opportunity presented itself, which was in Mexico, I decided to take the opportunity and traveled. I was already on the road for 4 years thus my finances weren't that great. That 4 months taught me more about horses and especially the needs of Horse while travelling. With my experience I am preparing for the new adventure.

When I returned to France seeking jobs and paperwork's to transport my horse, I met Angie and soon after we fell in love we decided to have a child of our own and continue our travels. Thus, we are getting ready to embark on an adventure together as a nomadic family. However, the foreseen expenses are so huge that we will have to work for at least 20 years to save enough to do this trip on our own. But by offering the holiday trips we can share our passion and be financially stable to continue our journey for several years.

Cooking: During my journeys I have worked in few restaurants as Kitchen Assistant or Commis de Cuisine. I worked in Indian, French and Mexican Restaurants. I love cooking so much. I am capable of cooking with anything and everything. Whenever I stayed in people's house during my travels; as a return of gratitude I've cooked some delicious food for them. Angie does not cook well so in our family I am the one who always cooks.

Host: I also worked in several Hotels/Hostels/Guesthouses and I could call it my career. I have a good understanding of clients needs in terms of hospitality. I promise you to meet your needs during the stay.

Angie's experiences with Horse and as trainer.with video

I've been riding horses since I was 12, together with my sister. I quickly discovered that I feel more confident on the saddle than on the ground. I've started training intensively, 2-3 times per week, focusing on jumping. I spent all my teenage summers on riding camps in different parts of Poland. One of them had an exam for Brown Riding Badge, which is required for obtaining other licenses and registration in Polish Equestrian Federation if one plans a career in sport. I’ve passed exam of dressage, jumping and general knowledge to get this Badge, although I didn’t have any ambitions to compete in my future. But somehow I wanted to connect my profession with these lovely animals.

Thus I decided to go to Agricultural University and study Animal Husbandry with Horse Breeding as my specialization. Besides all the theory like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, we had lots of practical classes. So instead of sitting in a boring classroom, we were assisting during mating and helping with foaling. After 3,5 year, in 2015, I graduated with Bachelor Degree. In the meantime, I got addicted to travelling, so I wanted to combine both my passions, therefore whenever opportunity appears, I was working on horse farms.

In August 2014, I volunteered in Horse Trekking Center, Lanjaron, Spain. High in the mountains of Alpujarras, we were taking people for a rides, which lasted from one hour up to one week.

In March & April 2015 I worked as a horse rider in Old Mulberry Country Estate in Croatia. That place offers riding holidays and my responsibility was to prepare horses for the summer season when the clients come. That required me spending about 4 hours per day in the saddle, riding different horses, building up their stamina and physical condition. The important part was getting them used to various terrain: water, forest, swamp, roads and teach them to overcome obstacles without hesitation. I was also breaking in 2 youngsters, which has never been ridden before.

Then, as I continued my travels I came into another opportunity to spend some time with horses in Greece in June 2015. I was volunteering in eco-village, during workshops for parents and children. In the morning and afternoon, I was doing hippo-therapy, helping kids with different exercises, taking care of their safety while on horseback, making them feel confident and comfortable.

Travelling on a horseback was always one of my dreams, which seemed too difficult to achieve. Then I’ve met Mo, who has done it and showed me nothing is impossible. Combining both our knowledge and passion, I think we can be a good team and we will make this trip happen.

Crossing countries and Border issues

We are well aware, having horse for a long time will lead us to love them so much that we will try to take them with us everywhere we go.
However, there are so many problems with borders and countries therefore we decided we will use a set of horses for as long as possible, and when its impossible to take our horses we will just sell them to a caring owner and find ourselves new horses.
We are also considering renting horses and using them for a short time, depending on the country's length and neighboring borders.

Seeking Sponsoship

Despite the fact that we both been working to save money to do this journey ourselves, we have arrived to a point that we are nothing close to begin the jouney; so we are seeking Sponsorships to start our journey.
We are seeking both Cash/ Product sponsorships.
If you know someone who might be able to sponsor us, please refer us.
In return of sponsorship we provide the following.

For sponsorships worth €2000, we offer the following.

Sponsored company will be spoken about in 3 videos
Which we will produce every month of the journey (60 in total).
The entire journey will be documented and published on Youtube.

1.2 square meters for Sponsored company's banner/ logo can be displayed on the sides of the carriage/caravan.
The content of the banner, can be modified any time provided that is delivered to an accessible place. For a period of 12 months.

Sponsored company will be listed in our website under the title “our sponsors”
where Sponsored company shall advertise whatever needed within the size 50 square centimetre (GIF supported)
For the whole duration of journey (5 years)

In addition to 10 raw video footages of sponsored products
We are able to film raw video footages for Sponsored company's products provided they are sent to an accessible location to us.
Sponsored company may request up to 20 different products to be filmed and no more than 50 videos

we offer 3 family (3 adults or 2 adults with 2 children) tour packages free of charge .
Valued at 1800 Euro. Sponsored company may use this offer to reward your loyal staffs.

For Sponsorships worth €1000, you will get half of the above mentioned benefits.
For double or Triple the worth of sponsorships, double or triple the above mentioned benefits

We are open to suggestions on how we could help our Sponsors