• Angela Milli
  • Horse Rider / Pole Dance Instructor / English Teacher
  • Polish Nationality
  • Languages: English [B2], Polish [Native], Spanish [A2]
  • +48 732 969 655
  • angelamillidfx@gmail.com


During and after university studies, I was travelling, exploring different places, cultures and learning so much. Most of all, I was developing communication skills, which are essential in any kind of work with people. I've been working in various countries and participated in several volunteering programs. I've been constantly on the move hence there are gaps between the jobs in my proffesional career.

In October 2016 I became a mother, thus I'm looking for more stability in life and work which will allow me to use already aquired skills and develop new ones. I am seeking jobs in industries such as Dance, Horses and English Schools.

Why Should you Hire me

I believe travelling is best school of life, develops mental strength and ability to work under pressure. I'm easily adapting to new situations. My previous collegues define me as a hard worker who likes challenges, good a team mate, who always gives best she can where she puts whole heart in whatever she is doing, and a quick learner. I strive for self-improvement and meeting goals. My wordly experience makes me an interesting member of the team.

Work Experiences

Additional courses and certificates:

  • - driving license cat. B
    - Personal Trainer
    - Classical Massage
    - speed reading course
    - First Aid - Brown Riding Badge

Sports & Hobbies

  • - travelling
    - aerial dances
    - horse riding
    - hitchhiking
    - acrobatics
    - yoga
    - slacklining
    - djembe


Degree Graduation Year Duration
Bachelor in Animal Husbandry 2015 4
High school - biochemistry profile 2010 3