I'm 25 year old Polish citizen, who discovered the beauty of travelling when she was 21. Ever since, I've spent most of my time moving from one place to another, meeting awesome people, learning a lot and trying not to waste any opportunities which appear to me on a way. I love adrenaline & adventure, I'm getting easily bored, thus constantly feel the need to try new things and learn new skills. I like to be physically active and do something all the time, it might be hard for me to stay in one place and just relax.
(Finland, just crossed Artic Circle)

One of my first passions was horse riding, so I've decided to connect my future and education with it. I've got bachelor degree in Horse Breeding. I've been working on various horse farms around Europe as a volunteer during my travels.
(Argos, Greece)

The biggest passion in my life is dancing, I've been training hard almost everyday and while being on the road, I miss that the most. I'm specialized in Aerial Dances, so whenever I get the chance I find some poles to climb;)
(some island in Greece which name I don't remember)

I've been hitchhiking through land and sea...
(Aegean Sea, Greece)

camping out in some amazing places...
(Ramla Bay Beach, Gozo)

looking in the tiger's eyes...
(volunteer in Tiger Temple, Kanchananburi, Thailand)

balancing on the edge...
(Grand Canyon, USA)

cooking for more than 500 kids, while working on a Boy Scouts Camp
(Seaford, DE, USA)

exploring some non turistic places
(Prague, Czech Republic)

My life was like a rollercoaster.
(Six Flags, LA, USA)

Now it's time to calm down a little bit. In October 2016 I became a mom, my son IYAN is first priority and biggest happiness.

I'm seeking employment in different parts of the world together with my partner. I have experience as a horse guide, English teacher, pole dance instructor, waitress. These are my desired industries. Please have a look at my attached CV and help us travel the world.